The largest product line expansion in the history of the VITime brand

01 July 2022

The VITime Expert line now includes two more products: VITime Expert Diabetes and VITime Expert Chondro.

VITime Expert Diabetes will be beneficial for those who suffer from diabetes mellitus and carbohydrate metabolism disorders: it contains vitamins and minerals, lutein for enhanced vision support, lipoic acid, ginkgo biloba extract and omega-3 PUFA.

As for the VITime Expert Chondro, it is a complex of chondroprotectors, B vitamins and uridine monophosphate that ensures the protection of the spine, joints and nervous system.

The new VITime Classic line will release "classic" vitamin and mineral complexes for strengthening the body's defenses and maintaining health. The line started off with the release of two products – VITime vitamin and mineral complex Classic (a balanced combination of all 13 vitamins and 12 minerals in one tablet) and VITime Classic Immuno – a complex of natural immune activators.

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