VITime Aquastick Cardio efficiency proved by research

26 July 2022

A clinical study of VITime Aquastick Cardio has concluded in Tver Regional Cardiology Center. The product’s benefits in the context of holistic therapy for patients with cardiac rhythm disorders have been proven.

VITime Aquastick Cardio stick solution, a source of potassium and magnesium asparaginates as well as vitamins E and B1, is proven to provide:

  • a cardiometabolic effect: the average blood plasma potassium and magnesium level in the study participants increased by 14.6 and 28.6 %, respectively;
  • a hypotension effect: blood pressure values went down in 78% of the study participants;
  • an anti-arrhythmia effect: 88% of the patients had their arrhythmia related dysfunction risk provably decreasing.

Additionally, the study participants (96%) noted an increase in strength and vitality, 88% said their weakness and palpitation spells getting rarer, 76% seen their sleep normalized and 90% became less irritable.

VITime Aquastick Cardio is safe and has good tolerance: no adverse reactions were documented throughout the study and none of the participants opted out of it.