Vneshtorg Farmaparticipated in Pharmacy Congress—2017

19 April 2017

18 April,the Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscowhoused thetraditional Vademecum Pharm Day pharmacy congress which had been organized by Vademecum, a weekly business magazine, and had as partnerssuch pharmaceutical companies asGrand Capital, Bosnalijek, AstraZeneca, Astellas. The congress has brought together over300 visitors and participant. Among them—the owners of 120 largest pharmacy chains in Russia; top managers formanufacturing, distribution, andinsurance companies, for investment funds;suppliers of non-medicinal products.

torg Farma’s representatives, together with top executivesin the pharmacybusiness, other pharmaceutical manufacturers, potential investors, have participated in ameaningful and useful discussion on thedevelopmentof the pharmacy market’scommercial sector, on theoptimizationand harmonization of relationships withinsupply chains, and on the comprehensive assessment of a new stage of consolidation of the pharmaceutical retail and distribution.