Private label

Thinking of selling your products under your own brand?

At present, Vneshtorg Farma has more than a 120
trade names available for PLB.

We own State Registration Certificates of biologically active dietary supplements in the niches most popular with consumers:

  • individual vitamins, minerals, amino acids or their compositions (for instance, folic acid in tablets, iodine in tablets, magnesium and vitamin В6 in tablets, etc.)
  • vegetable complexes with specific effects (for instance, a complex of the valerian and motherwort extractions to strengthen the nervous system, a complex of the holy thistle and oats extraction tosupport the liver function,etc.)

The complete list of products available for manufacturing under your own private label brand can be sent to you on request.

The scheme of cooperation
for production
own trademarks

  • Order for development of a product

  • Agreement on the price of manufacture and development of a product

  • Development of a production technology and sample testing

  • Agreement on the final price

  • Sample testing

  • Product registration

  • Selection за preparations

  • Design

  • Printing of packing material

  • Transfer of finished products to Client

  • Manufacture of finished products