Contract manufacturing

VTF offers our services for the manufacturing of BADS and medicinal products in the form of tablets and capsules, powders and solutions, as well as services for the pre-packing and packaging of the final products.

We guarantee:

  • The quality of the final products
  • The use of European materials from reliable suppliers
  • Full quality control over every stage of the manufacturing process
  • The compliance of the manufacturing facility to the requirements of the GMP-0065-000473/20 international standards

Stages of cooperation
on contract

  • Formulation of the product parameters by the customer (packaging, shape, composition, volume of production)

  • Determination by VTF of the estimated price for production and development of the product

  • Harmonization of the price of production and product development

  • Testing of production technology and testing of samples

  • Final price adjustment

  • Testing of samples. Product registration

  • Coordination of production plans with the customer

  • Start of production