The research work carried out in the company’s own technological laboratory. Development of new technologies, obtaining patents on them and use them in production process are carried out permanently. Below you can read about the patented technologies, which are used in production.

Patent for film coating of dosage forms containing bioactive substances

Vita Safe

Patented tablet coating technology allows improve the barrier properties and mechanical strength of shells tablets and simultaneously retain a high bioavailability of the active substances.

Coating applied by this method, has a longer shelf life. The patent can be used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Colloidally stable microemulsion of water-insoluble biologically active substances and industrial method for its preparation


The patented technology allows obtain an aqueous form of the active substances, initially insoluble in water.

The utilization of this technology expands list of active substances, which can be converted into the aqueous form, simplifies choice of accessory ingredients, increases the stability of preparation, and its resistance to external influences, and also increases the shelf life.

Patent can be used in medicine, pharmaceutics, food industry and veterinary medicine.