Our team consists of professionals dedicated to their work. We bring in and employ qualified specialists and create an environment which allows them to not only fulfil themselves as professionals but to further their personal growth as well as develop their knowledge and skills.


Генеральный директор

Alexander Ovchinnikov


We aim to grow our company, and we devote considerable attention to following manufacturing standards. After all, it is the quality of the final product that determines how much interest clients take in a manufacturer. The combination of reasonable prices and high quality is the very recipe that allows us to constantly expand cooperation within the scope of the already existing projects and to build new partnerships.

Директор по технологиям и  производству

Makhamad Sarvalov


We spare no expense when it comes to modern, high-technology equipment because it allows us to increase productivity and significantly improve the quality of our products. But we do not just focus on constantly upgrading our manufacturing operation. Our company is going its own way. We develop and patent new technologies, devise our own methods and techniques for carrying out various operations. We recognize that the future belongs to innovators.

Финансовый директор

Oksana Stepanova


Investing in development always pays off. High manufacturing capacity and new technological capabilities that meet the current requirements of the market is what attracts new partners. And that, in turn, increases the number of orders and boosts our profits, some of which we invariably put into our manufacturing operation development. That way we can remain a modern enterprise within this industry, operating in compliance with international standards.

Директор по маркетингу

Valentina Proydakova


We strive to expand our capabilities so that our clients could put new products on the market — products that can take their rightful place on the shelves of pharmacy chain stores and win favor with customers.


Nikita Kydriashov


Research and development of production technologies have always been an important part of our company’s activities