Production in compliance with international standards.

At our manufacturing facilities, we make it a policy to provide consumers with safe, quality, and effective products that comply with the requirements of both Russian and international standards.

Our manufacturing facilities are in compliance with the GMP-0065-000080/15 international standards, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates. All unit operations are carried out by highly qualified personnel on modern equipment, in production areas that create optimal conditions for the production processes.

We pay careful attention to starting substances and will only use quality raw materials purchased from well-established local and foreign suppliers, including the ones in Switzerland, Japan, and France

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Production area of mixing

The mixing area is used to prepare mixtures for further tableting, encapsulation, or sachet filling and sealing. Our equipment allows to produce mixtures by the process of dry blending as well as wet granulation. Having vast experience in working with vitamins, minerals, and extracts, we can produce remarkably homogeneous mixtures of different qualitative and quantitative compositions, which can be achieved through the careful selection of active ingredients and excipients on the basis of the their technological properties. In our work, we use highly bioavailable and stable active ingredients. All of them are authorized for use in the manufacturing of biologically active dietary supplements, and the quality of excipients meets the specifications of all major international pharmacopoeias.

Участок смешивания Участок смешивания
On photo: Area of mixing.

Production area of tableting

Our tableting area is outfitted with highly efficient equipment. For instance, the Korsch AG (Germany) rotary tablet press can output up to 300,000 tablets per hour. With our wide range of technical equipment, we can manufacture tablets of various shapes (from flat-faced round to oval) and sizes (from 6 to 20 mm). Throughout the entire process of tableting, the quality of the manufactured tablets is controlled using automated electronic quality control systems, such as an electronic lab tester and a metal detector.

Участок таблетирования Участок таблетирования
On photo: Area of tableting.

Production area of capsulation

The encapsulation area is used to enclose mixtures in the hard-shelled gelatin capsules of various sizes. The equipment we have at our disposal uses different methods of filling capsules with mixtures. This allows us to work with powders of all sorts of technological properties: from free-flowing and non-compactible powders to sticky and hard-to-meter ones. All filled-in capsules pass through the empty capsule sorter and the metal detector.

Участок капсулирования Участок капсулирования
On photo: area of tableting(left-side), area of capsulation(right).

Production area of coating

If need be, tablets can be covered with a film coating — decorative, protective, or a modified release coating. Due to our company’s fire safety and environmental protection policies, we use aqueous coatings only. We would like to call your attention to a patented moisture-barrier film coating of our own design that helps to ensure chemical stability of any compounds, however complex, based on vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts..

The coating color can be customized at our Customer’s request.

Участок нанесения оболочки Участок нанесения оболочки
On photo: Production area of coating.

Production area of sachet packing

The equipment we have at our disposal allows us to fill powders into up to 13,000 single-dose sachets. It is also possible to fill powders of different compositions into two-pack (duplex) and three-pack (triplex) sachets. Sachets can be filled with a maximum of 25 grams of powder, which makes it possible to work with compositions of varying degrees of complexity.

Участок сашетирования Участок сашетирования
On photo: Area of sachet packing.

Production area of liquid forms

This is where the non-sterile liquid solutions are made and bottled. The equipment and the manufacturing techniques we use allow us to carry out processes of varying complexity: from the simple dissolution of components to the formation of complex microemulstions using the phase inversion temperature method.

Участок жидких форм Участок жидких форм
On photo: Area of liquid forms.

Packing area

The packaging area is outfitted with the MEDISEAL (Germany) high-performance equipment, which allowed us to fully automate the process of tablet and capsule packaging — from primary packaging in blisters to multi packaging.

One packaging machine can operate at a maximum speed of up to 400 blisters per minute. It is possible to pack up to 3 different types of tablets (capsules) into one blister. The packaging line is equipped with high-precision control systems which allow to check the weight and form of each individual manufactured item and make sure it matches the printed label and package.

Участок упаковки Участок упаковки
Участок упаковки Участок упаковки
On photo: Packing area.